Stephen Black Walnut and Beech Wood Mirror Handicraft Solid Wood

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Product Name: Stephen Black Walnut and Beech Wood in NC Lacquer
Item No.: 1456289
Product Size:
High loading
Can be customized any color
Lumeng factory–one factory only do original design.

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Our pattern

1.designer drawing the ideas and making 3Dmax.
2.receive the feedback from our customers. models enter R&D and mass the production.
4.real samples showing with our customers.

Our concept

1.consolidated production order and low MOQ--decreased your stock risk and help you test your market.
2.cater e-commerce--more KD structure furniture and mail packing.
3.unique furniture design--attracted your customers.
4.recyle and eco-friendly--using recyle and eco-friendly material and packing.

Introducing our delightful handcrafted sunflower-shaped wooden mirror, a charming and functional addition to any space. Crafted from high-quality solid wood, this mirror combines artisanal craftsmanship with practicality, creating a unique and versatile decor piece for your home.The sunflower design adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to the mirror, making it a beautiful and eye-catching focal point in any room. Its small, removable design allows for easy relocation and storage, making it perfect for those seeking both convenience and style.This exquisite handcrafted mirror seamlessly blends the warmth of natural wood with the timeless appeal of a sunflower motif, bringing a touch of nature and artistry into your living space. Its compact size and detachable feature make it a versatile and practical choice for homeowners looking to infuse their surroundings with creativity and functionality.Bring the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of skilled artisans into your home with our handcrafted sunflower wooden mirror. Add a touch of charm and practicality to your living space with this unique decor piece that embodies artistry, functionality, and elegance. Choose our sunflower-shaped wooden mirror to elevate your space with natural beauty and delightful craftsmanship.

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