We own patent for EU/US/CN

Lumeng has insisted on original design, independent development and production since its establishment. The reason why we have won long-term cooperation with customers in the fierce global market competition is because our company has accurate brand positioning and market positioning of products, high-quality products and professional.The pre-sales and after-sales service is the most basic service principle of our company.

Our company strictly controls the appearance of each product in the design and production process. From brainstorming, product positioning, 3D printing, large-scale molds to large-scale production, we insist on completing it ourselves. We have three design teams, each A design team will have responsible projects until the mass production. We pay attention to intellectual property patents. Until now, we have already owned dozens of EU appearance patents. Hot-selling products such as Amott Book chairs all meet the standards of EU appearance patent protection. Therefore, we also have the right to carry out infringement and other issues. Legal maintenance.  

We own patent for EUUSCN (1)
We own patent for EUUSCN (2)

How do I enforce my patent?

Once your patent has been granted and validated, it is enforceable in the chosen countries. This means that anyone using your invention without your consent in those countries will be infringing the patent.
Acting though a local attorney, you can tell anyone using your invention to stop, and eventually bring legal action against them to force them to stop and potentially to collect compensation (e.g. legal “damages”) from them for their infringement. You cannot sue for infringement until the European patent application has been granted. However, once your application has been granted, it may be possible to claim damages back to the date on which your application was published.

Our company regularly participates in exhibitions in various countries, and constantly updates and iterates according to the development of the furniture industry, bringing continuous surprises to customers.

Post time: Sep-02-2023